Flex Face & Textile Signs.

Real-time reporting

Flex Face signs are the industry standard option for large format and super large format external sign applications.


Flex face box signs are a method of advertising that is used to envelop significant areas. The flex face signage is ideal for larger outdoor illuminated signage.

Xplore Flex face signs can be manufactured in any size and can be used in just a frame or an illuminated box. The thick vinyl skins are quick and easy to fit and remove so you can change designs as and when required.

We manufacture these in illuminated and non-illuminated options, our flex face signs are manufactured using a solid lightweight aluminium box, not Dibond, usually powder coated and a flexible PVC ‘skin’ or face that is tensioned around the edges of the box to give a seamless finish.

The PVC banner or mesh ‘skin’ is specifically printed for backlit applications to allow for the light to illuminate the banner graphic from edge to edge.

Flex face signage Ideal for:

  • Ideal for larger signs.
  • Used for non-rectangular shapes.
  • Ideal for raised letters.
  • 3D logos

Types of Flex Faced Signs:

  • Illuminated 3D Logos– great for both large and small signs as they can be strategically placed at the optimum height for impact and awareness.
  • 3D Letters and Logos, non-illuminated– where illumination is not permitted, or simply not a benefit, 3D letters and logos can still create an awesome impression.
  • External built up logos – these signs can be secured to the building itself, helping to provide interesting brand awareness.
  • 3D halo lit letters and logos – this type of sign can make it easier to find the company you are looking for making your estate much more accessible.

Our real time reporting ensures you receive updates within minutes of job completion.

  • Installation reports.
  • Photographs are taken before and during the installation.
  • Photographs of the completed install.
  • Signed documentation.


View our flex face signage gallery here.