By admin / 14th May 2018

The Importance of Good Signage

The value of on-premises signage, particularly in premises that are regularly visited by customers and clients, cannot be overstated. However, the value of signage as a marketing tool is often not fully realised. Many businesses barely think of signs at all and, if they do, it is often an afterthought – a necessary expense which seems to command the lowest portion of any construction or refurbishment budget! Yet the CEO of one mainstream retailer confided that he regarded his company’s signage as its most important and cost-effective advertising medium. Good signage companies that understand the value of good signage view...

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By admin / 30th April 2018

The Importance of Signage

Maybe you are just starting a new business, or you have an established business and want to rebrand. Or perhaps you just want to improve your visibility and get the attention of potential customers. Whatever stage your business is at, signage should be a crucial part of your marketing mix if you want to make an impact and create a strong visual brand. Good signage can help your business in a number of different ways, including: Branding and visibility. Customers are more likely to buy from a business they have heard of than one they haven’t. Prominent, eye-catching signage exposes...

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